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Building Gamified Digital Trails

We help our clients engage young and digital audiences by enhancing outdoor and indoor visitor learning experiences with location-based game quest mechanics and interactive PokemonGo style AR experiences. 

How it works

We convert physical landmarks and features, both indoors and outdoors, into "AR markers" where we anchor digital content and quests into the real world environment.

We then connect these markers into a quest-based storyline for players to go on an adventure in your venue.

Participants have to move from one location to another, scan and interact with these markers using their mobile device, turning the entire venue into a fun and interactive experience.

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MindTourism mascot camera.png
MindTourism mascot camera_edited.png

One platform for all trails

We are building a platform that houses all interactive discovery trails under one app in Singapore, where visitors will be able to discover various new trails.


We partner with various public agencies and institutions to create this experience for education and tourism!

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Our partners and investors

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