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We turn learning journeys and visitor experiences into real world adventures!

We help our clients engage and acquire young and digital audiences by enhancing physical venues and creating interactive visitor and learning experiences via gamification, AI and Mixed Reality technology.

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Appealing to the digital generation

With the rise of smartphones, online worlds, social media and online content, the current digital generation has grown accustomed to online stimulation.

However, we believe that the real world is still a huge learning playground.

At MindTourism, we believe we can foster a 'phygital' learning experience by combining digital and physical elements of the real world, with AR technology, games and geo spatial connectivity.

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How it works

We convert physical landmarks and features into "AR markers" where we anchor digital content and quests into the real world environment.

We then connect these markers into a quest-based storyline for players to go on an adventure in your venue.

Participants have to move from one location to another, scan and interact with these markers using their mobile device, turning the entire venue into a fun and interactive experience.


Learning Journeys

We also develop content for interactive learning journey modules for at-risk youth, students, parents and educators in key topics faced by youths such as mental wellness, trauma and choice theory.


Based on our team's years of experience in therapy and counselling, we are able to create a program that allows participants to immerse themselves in the footsteps of fictional characters based on real scenarios, and in doing so, develop understanding, empathy and resilience.

Our Partners and Supporters

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