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Example Trails

Here are 2 examples of our trails, outdoor and indoor

1.National Art Gallery

Indoor Trail

As part of the Y-lab program with the National Gallery of Singapore, we created a game trail that visitors had to solve puzzles while learning about the history of the Supreme Court and City Hall, before they were turned into the National Gallery.

Screenshot_20240123-162313_SGeek Trail Hunt (1).jpg

Players were tested on their observational skills and their ability to decipher patterns in puzzles. They had to explore the gallery to scan for image markers to tackle each quest. At each quest, they receive a small fact about that landmark.

Chinatown Murals (2).png
Chinatown Murals (1).png
Chinatown Murals (5).png
Chinatown Murals (9).png

2. Chinatown Murals

Outdoor Trail

Chinatown is one of Singapore's heritage sites, full of historical landmarks. To celebrate this, we wanted to take visitors on a journey to explore the various beautiful murals around Chinatown!

Who doesn't love a game of SPOT THE DIFFERENCE? Firstly, visitors have to locate the murals by navigating our
in-app Pokemon Go style map.
We challenge visitors observational skills by getting them to spot as many differences as possible!

Screenshot_20240218-165937_SGeeky Trail Hunt.jpg
Screenshot_20240218-165913_SGeeky Trail Hunt.jpg
Screenshot_20240218-165921_SGeeky Trail Hunt.jpg

If you have any trails in mind that you wish to gamify and engage your visitors, contact us below!

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